Common Misconceptions in Veterinary Medicine

One of the things I like about being a veterinarian is getting to hear some of the misconceptions people have concerning their animals. In this information age it’s amazing the amount of misinformation that is still out there. The internet may be wonderful and revolutionary, but please remember that anyone can post anything they want and just because it’s on the internet DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE! Continue reading

Larva Migrans: Things that Make You Say “Ick!”

Zoonosis is a disease that is transmitted from other vertebrate animals to humans directly or through a secondary source such as ticks. Many serious diseases fall into this category such as anthrax, tuberculosis, Ebola and plague. In past articles I have discussed several diseases seen in Vermont such as rabies, Lyme disease and leptospirosis. In this article I will discuss a lesser known but still very important zoonotic disease called larva migrans. Continue reading