Thunder, Fireworks & Other Scary Stuff

We are once again in the middle of fireworks and thunderstorm season and every day it seems I am asked what can be done about Fido’s fears of loud noises: “My dog hides in a closet during storms.” “My dog tears up the house whenever there are fireworks.” “My dog sits in a corner, pees on the floor and just shakes whenever it’s thundering.” These are all very common experiences. Some dogs have always reacted like this but some only develop these phobias when they are older, sometimes after their hearing diminishes.

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Obesity and Your Pet

Malnutrition. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “faulty or imperfect nutrition.” It is also defined as a lack of healthy foods in the diet or an excessive intake of unhealthy foods leading to physical harm. In 2003 The National Academies’ National Research Council declared that one of every four dogs and cats in the Western world is overweight.

“But my dog likes his treats.”
“What’s the big deal? She’s happy.”

These are just a few of the many excuses I’ve heard from my clients trying to explain away their pet’s obesity.

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