What Your Veterinarian Can Do For You

Recently I was speaking with a man I met through some friends and he began to tell me about his old dog. He explained how his dog had been urinating around the house, especially at night, for some time now and he had just learned to live with it. When I told him that I thought we might be able to fix the leaking urine problem this man seemed surprised! He scheduled an appointment and through evaluation and treatment, we were able to stop the leaking. Not only was this man surprised but also very grateful. Continue reading

Summer Heat and Your Pet

Dr. Eustis tends to a friendYesterday afternoon here at the clinic we almost had a tragedy that certainly could have and should have been avoided. One of our canine patients spent too much time out on the first really hot day of the year and it was almost fatal. When the dog first came in to the clinic its temperature was 107.5 while a normal temp is 102. The important thing to remember here is that this dog was not locked in a car or left outside tied to a tree. This dog was exercising with its owner. Continue reading

Help! My Dog’s Itching is Driving us Both CRAZY!

Itching Dogs and a few itching cats. That I what I am seeing every day right now. Recently I spoke with a veterinary dermatologist and she told me that due to the flooding this year,it is one of the worst years she has ever seen for allergies and itching. All the molds, fungus and other allergens are driving our four legged friends, and I’m sure two legged also, crazy. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy as giving the dog a pill or a shot. Most of the time the dog has allergies that will require lifelong therapy. Continue reading

Additional Reasons to use Flea and Tick Preventative

Yesterday I saw a dog that was experiencing intense itching. I looked at the dog and found fleas, although I knew the owners had purchased a flea and tick preventative from me. When I asked them when they had last applied the product they replied, “We thought flea season was over.” I hear this all the time during the Fall and Spring. Remember, fleas and ticks thrive best when the temperature is in the 50s to 60s and it’s wet. Lewis and Clark wrote in their journals about how bad the flea problem was in the Northwest. Why? Up there it’s cool and moist almost all of the time, just like Vermont in the Spring and Fall. I can’t emphasize it enough: Keep your animal protected. You and he will be a lot happier and healthier for it. Continue reading

Flea and Tick Prevention – What Works and Why it’s Important

It’s March, its 75 degrees and Fleas and Ticks are definitely already out. We have had a VERY mild winter. There was practically no reduction in the flea and tick population due to cold weather. Be prepared for one of the worst flea and tick seasons ever. Fleas are a nuisance but Ticks are MORE than just a nuisance. They can transmit Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, and other nasty diseases. It is much easier to prevent them than get rid of them. Spot-on topicals, pills, collars, shampoos, sprays; the list goes on. They all advertise that they are the best. But are they safe for my pet? Are they safe for me? Are they safe for my kids? Continue reading

Lumps and Bumps

One of the most common requests I receive is to check a lump on a dog or cat. Lumps can come in all sizes, shapes, consistencies and prognoses. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what to look for or feel that would let you know whether the lump you just found on Fluffy is OK or if it needs to be taken off right away. I will describe three of the more common lumps BUT even if they match the description completely they may turn out to be something entirely different. Continue reading

Feline Health Issues

Cats! They seem to live in a world of their own most of the time. They usually don’t come when they are called, they only let you pet them when they want to be petted and they always seem healthy until they are very, very sick. So, what are some of the most common warning signs to tell you that your cat may not be feeling very well? Continue reading