What Your Veterinarian Can Do For You

Recently I was speaking with a man I met through some friends and he began to tell me about his old dog. He explained how his dog had been urinating around the house, especially at night, for some time now and he had just learned to live with it. When I told him that I thought we might be able to fix the leaking urine problem this man seemed surprised! He scheduled an appointment and through evaluation and treatment, we were able to stop the leaking. Not only was this man surprised but also very grateful.

This encounter made me wonder what other conditions animals get that most people might not know veterinarians can treat.

Older dogs leaking urine is very common. It is usually caused by either a urinary tract infection or by a loosening of the bladder muscles that hold in the urine. As I said already, we can usually treat either of these conditions and make you and your dog feel much better.

Another common complaint regarding older animals is muscle and joint pain. As most people know, the human joint pain medication market is huge. There are just about as many choices for animals. Safety Warning: DO NOT USE YOUR HUMAN MEDICATION ON YOUR ANIMAL! Besides drugs there are also several good supplements that can help keep your friend pain-free. Just because your buddy is old does not mean he has to suffer in order to move around.

Many old and not so old dogs have bad breath. It makes you not want to be around them anymore. I know I have talked about dental cleaning before but it’s amazing how much nicer it is to be around a pet with nice breath. Good for you and really good for them!

Is your dog getting too fat? Is your cat getting too thin? Both of these weight issues can be caused by problems with the animal’s thyroid and both can be fixable. A simple blood test followed by medications can have your friend feeling much better while also prolonging his life.

Does your pet seem to drink all the water in the world and either has to go out constantly or fills their litter box a couple of times a day? While not everything that can cause this is treatable, several conditions such as diabetes are definitely treatable and again, will make your buddy feel much better.

Finally, coughing is a very common symptom that many older dogs and some older cats exhibit. Sometimes this coughing can be reduced with medications and sometimes it’s severe enough that surgery may be warranted.

If your animal is exhibiting any of the described symptoms or something out of the ordinary for your pet, I urge you to make an appointment with your veterinarian. You’ll both feel better.


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