Thunder, Fireworks & Other Scary Stuff

We are once again in the middle of fireworks and thunderstorm season and every day it seems I am asked what can be done about Fido’s fears of loud noises: “My dog hides in a closet during storms.” “My dog tears up the house whenever there are fireworks.” “My dog sits in a corner, pees on the floor and just shakes whenever it’s thundering.” These are all very common experiences. Some dogs have always reacted like this but some only develop these phobias when they are older, sometimes after their hearing diminishes.

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What Your Veterinarian Can Do For You

Recently I was speaking with a man I met through some friends and he began to tell me about his old dog. He explained how his dog had been urinating around the house, especially at night, for some time now and he had just learned to live with it. When I told him that I thought we might be able to fix the leaking urine problem this man seemed surprised! He scheduled an appointment and through evaluation and treatment, we were able to stop the leaking. Not only was this man surprised but also very grateful. Continue reading

Summer Heat and Your Pet

Dr. Eustis tends to a friendYesterday afternoon here at the clinic we almost had a tragedy that certainly could have and should have been avoided. One of our canine patients spent too much time out on the first really hot day of the year and it was almost fatal. When the dog first came in to the clinic its temperature was 107.5 while a normal temp is 102. The important thing to remember here is that this dog was not locked in a car or left outside tied to a tree. This dog was exercising with its owner. Continue reading